• Area search dogs are non-scent specific which means they are searching for any human scent. They work independently off leash. When they locate a person, they will return to the handler and report the find by doing a trained response. The dog will return to the person with the handler.

  • Trailing dogs follow the scent of a specific person. They sniff an article, belonging to that person, which should be untouched by anyone else. They work on long leash and follow the scent left by the person as he traveled.

  • Cadaver or Human Remains Detection dogs are trained to located deceased human scent.

  • Water certified dogs are trained to locate deceased human scent beneath the water either from shore or a boat.

  • Basic Urban Disaster Dogs are trained as first responders in a local incident. Example in which they would be useful is collapsed structure, after a structural dire, or a train accident to locate human scent.

  • Article search dogs are trained to locate inanimate objects, including firearms, that were recently touched by humans.

  • Scent matching is an exercise in which the dog identifies two articles having the same scent.



Certification    Teams

  • Area Search        8
  • Trailing              10
  • Cadaver              6
  • Water                 3
  • Basic Disaster      3
  • Article Search      2
  • Scent Matching     2